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Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, One-Time, Move-in, Move-Out Cleaning Services in Raleigh & Surrounding Areas

For customers wanting weekly, biweekly or monthly service, a House Cleaning Pro 4 U representative will gladly visit your home at no charge to determine your regular pricing. We do not require a contract. Square footage, occupancy, pets, flooring, etc. can effect the pricing. A time-lapse fee may be applied to a regular customer if there is a change in the schedule effecting the length of time from the last cleaning to the rescheduled cleaning.

After a short walk-through, an initial cleaning price will also be given. This is a detailed cleaning that is done on our first visit to bring your home to House Cleaning Pro 4 U standard which will be maintained on each of your regular cleaning visits. During this visit, our House Cleaning Pro 4 U procedures will be reviewed and any questions you may have or special needs/preferences can discussed and answered. An information packet will be left for you to reference as needed.

One-time cleans, move-in or move-out and sight-unseen cleanings are performed on a hourly rate. Additional charges are applied if requested to clean inside a refrigerator or stove, etc.


All areas of your home:

  • Dust (cloth and feather dust)
  •  Baseboards (dust or wipe wet as needed)
  •  Chair rails
  •  Doors – grooves, around knobs, frames (wipe or dust – need determined)
  •  Blinds – dust
  •  Window sills- top and bottom
  •  Windows – spot clean fingerprints, doggie kisses, etc.
  •  Glass doors – front storm doors inside and out, sliding doors inside, french doors
  •  Bi-fold doors – dust
  •  Light switches
  •  Light fixtures as able – dust
  •  Lamps
  •  Mirrors
  •  Pictures as able or instructed – glass fronts and dust frames
  •  Ceiling fans
  •  Cobwebs – ceilings as able, corners of rooms, windows, under cabinets & around furniture legs
  •  Floor edging – where carpet and bare floors meet; stairway creases
  •  A/C air duct vent – dust
  •  Empty trash and take to designated are of disposal
  •  Vacuum – carpets, area rugs and bare floors

Laundry Room

  • Outside of washer & dryer as able
  •  Sinks
  •  Vacuum and mop


  •  Counter tops – clean and remove stains as able
  •  Cabinets – wipe down, spot clean
  •  Counter appliances – outside only (except microwave – will clean the inside)
  •  Refrigerator – top of frig as able, ice/water dispenser area, frig grill
  •  Dishwasher – wipe down the outside
  •  Stove top/front of oven
  •  Sink
  •  Buff all chrome
  •  Window over sink if applicable
  •  Garbage can – wipe down outside
  •  Table top/chair frame and legs as able
  •  Vaccuum and mop


  •  Sinks, counter tops, ledges, mirrors, light fixtures, bulbs if able, buff to shine fixtures
  •  Toliet bowls and floor all around disinfected
  •  Tub, shower wall and doors, tile (Remove mildew upon customer’s rquest. Customer must provide mildew removal product.)
  •  Floors – shake rugs, vacuum and mop

Payment is due on the day services rendered. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks and cash.

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House Cleaning Pro 4 U
Serving Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas